Really? Republicans are in a dither about a True Blood characters comment?

Pam 1024

True Blood is a TV show. These characters are fiction and what comes out of their mouths is a story.

That being said, and being a bit of a True Blood fan I found the comment to be consistent with Pam’s character. 

Pam Said “My god I look like a republicunt,” and she did. She looked like one of the trophy wives seen all too often in the theater of American politics.

She said this in private to Eric who is dying of a vampire disease. It was typical Pam, she tends to drift toward gallows humor.  Pam is plain spoken and tends to be a bit crude. She’s also vicious when pissed off, yet fiercely loyal to her family and friends.  Like all vampires she’s drifted over sexual lines and explored the unknown. I think this is simply a function of being old in the True Blood story line.

So I have to ask why the hell the Republicans and Conservatives are freaking out and taking offense  at what Pam said. I won’t even mention the insanity of the Conservatives only NOW commenting about the homoerotic overtones contained in True Blood. If they find this sort of thing offensive they probably should have stopped watching True Blood oh… four or five seasons ago.

Don’t they have something better to do?

More interesting is that instead of laughing it off, OR perhaps realizing that the show reflects the general view of Republican conservatives and addressing that image problem. These people are wringing their hands in the media. Really????

Apparently Sarah Palin was invited to do a cameo. She declined, so we’ll never know what that cameo would have looked like. I personally could see a scene where Mrs Palin pulled a big assed .357 out of her purse and started shooting the Yakuza that were hunting down another character. That would have been fun, and allowed Mrs Palin to squeeze off a couple of shots for the 2nd amendment.

Who knows, Pam might have liked Mrs Palin.

So Republicans & Conservatives… Stop embarrassing yourselves over a piece of fiction. 

More importantly, Stop embarrassing me!