And in the “You should know your history before picking a mascot” category

In Murrieta, a group of folks have dressed up as Aztecs then began performing street theater for the IMG 7842JPGsake of the news cameras.

They’re PRO-Amnesty and are Chanting “White Supremacists out” 

The full article is here

The only problem(s) are:

Apparently, The Aztecs were among the most Xenophobic civilizations on the planet. Their enemies ended up with their still beating hearts being ripped out of their chests, and their bodies rolled down the steps of a pyramid. 

According to one article the Aztecs were so vicious that surrounding tribes joined Cortéz when they understood he was trying to destroy the Aztecs.

If ANYONE would have been a group of <blank> supremacists it was the Aztecs. 


Being anti-amnesty isn’t the same as being a White Supremacist.

Then again, facts, and common sense often go out the window when you’re trying to justify a position that you know is inherently wrong.