Verizon is raising the DSL rate


Verizon SUCKS!!!!

I Just got a notice, they’re bumping the rate up $5 a month.

Funny, I haven’t increased my utilization of the DSL by $5 a month, nor has their service improved in quality by $5 a month.

So why am I seeing a rate hike?

I’d be ok with it if I got better than 2.56 Mbps download and .71 Mbps upload but I don’t. And there’s no option for me to buy a faster connection.

For years, the people of this town have been fighting with Verizon to provide better service. In response, Verizon, for a time simply refused to install any new DSL connections. After the town fathers went to the PUC, explaining that Verizon’s actions were impairing new business and devaluing existing properties, Verizon grudgingly began installing new DSL service.


The local cable company has been claiming they were going to install the new cable hotness where you’d have cable, telephone, and internet.

We’ve stopped holding our breath for that. The local cable company can’t even provide HD much less any of the high speed data connections that would be necessary.

AT&T claims they have U-Verse until you call them. Then all the sudden they can’t seem to find your address.

ATT UVerse

Which leaves Verizon as the monopolistic provider of telephone & DSL service that disables 911 if someone in a town 15 miles away happens to cut a fiber optic line.

Yep, you read that right… a Fiber optic line gets cut in Phelan and my town suddenly has no phone service, no DSL, and no 911.

After the last time someone cut the fiber in Phelan, Verizon reactivated their local switching station and if we dial the old 7 digit local phone numbers instead of the full area code and number we can at least call the fire department.

PUC California

To force Verizon to reactivate their substation in town, required the town fathers to have a meeting where not only the PUC, but also a Congressman from the US house of Representatives were present demanding answers of the Verizon representatives.

Answers to basic questions like “Why don’t you have a backup plan?

How do you justify leaving a community of 3000 people (many of whom are elderly) with zero ability to call their local firehouse?”

Suddenly Verizon decided something needed to be done.

Funny that 3000 people calling and complaining with valid concerns is easily ignored but a PUC rep and Congressman asking the same questions is taken seriously.

Verizon truly sucks.

US House of Representatives

I’ll dig up the PUC address, write a letter and ask them why they granted a rate hike to Verizon.

I strongly suspect Verizon has said the rate hike is about the expense of maintaining “outdated” technology to the town. Verizon will have neglected to tell the PUC that this is the ONLY technology available to the town.

The other folks in the town will write similar letters, be ignored, and then we’ll demand a PUC hearing, and invite a Congressman.

Verizon will rescind the $5 charge with a mumbled “Ooops” as an apology. Then they’ll hike the rates by slamming some other “fees” at a later time.

The Congressman will enjoy his time here and do a little campaigning.

All will return to normal in my little town.

Until the next time…