Future weapon of choice – I give you… The Rock

Feb07 s

With our nuclear weapons aging, and the issues surrounding their use such as radiation, EMP and fallout for years I think we’ve reached the point where its time for our next advancement in weapon systems.

I propose the ROCK.

No… not your nambie pambie little rocks, I’m talking mile wide asteroids.

I’m absolutely sure that I’m not the only person to think of this. I may be one of the first to actually SAY it out loud.

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Rocks have several advantages.

They’re environmentally clean.

You can drop a 20 million ton rock on, say, Iraq or Afghanistan. Done right you get rid of an entire army and not have to worry about radiation, or fallout.

Once the ground cools, you might even be able to mine iron depending on the type of asteroid you used.

Since the single most important issue, ( according to Obama) we  face today is climate change, the dust would have a planet wide cooling effect. Wow, a three for one.

Don’t dismiss the idea too quickly…

NASA already is planning to capture and change asteroids orbits. Their purpose is to put the asteroids in stable lunar orbit so that they can be studied. 

It is pretty obvious that simple alterations in the capture technology could also drop a multi-ton rock on a specific earthly target. The best weapon platform would be something that accelerated the rock to a fraction of the speed of light.

The faster the rock, the smaller it could be, yet have the same destructive force. That’s Einstein E=mc2 Its a deceptively simple formula but it’s really freakin cool.


It’s not even necessary to accelerate a rock to crazy speeds, You’d just have to maneuver a big assed rock into position then at the right time shove it out of orbit towards Earth.

Don’t get me wrong it would take some serious tech and the computations would be outrageous, to hit a specific target but the NSA computers are more than up to the task.

We might miss the first or second try… OOOOPS Sorry… What’s in the line of fire? Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria? 

We’d have to be careful to miss Israel, and possibly Egypt. But Libya is a big open space. I guess we’d have to narrow the targeting accuracy down to a swath of 1500 miles before we actually tried it.

Don’t get me wrong, a miss would be a bad thing. I don’t think It wouldn’t be any worse than allowing the Islamofascist vermin to continue multiplying. Eventually we’d get the targeting right.

By that time, perhaps the Islamofascists would have come to the conclusion that putting their shit in order is preferable to extinction.

UnknownI’d rather see these fucked up countries cratered wastelands, than continue to wonder when these fuckers were going to bomb a train, mall, building, airport, or whatever.

All they seem to understand or respect is force… I say show ‘em force that they can’t conceive of.

We have the technology.

Granted it’s rudimentary and primitive but it could work. Maybe its time to prove that we could take the high ground and hold it.

Once we proved we could do it I’ll bet people would be more inclined to settle their differences with diplomacy.