Stompy Foot Can’t catch a break

I’ve been watching with some amusement the blowback from the deal to release Sgt. Bergdahl.

While the jury isn’t in yet on if Bergdahl is a deserter, (It seems likely that he is, based on various published reports over the last few days) I can’t believe that ol’ Stompy engaged in a trade in the first place. 

I think it sets a bad precedent that the exchange rate is now established at 5 Taliban to one American. All that has to happen now is for a tour bus of Americans in Egypt to be hijacked and 200 Gitmo detainees are suddenly free.


Worse yet as was observed in an article this weekend at Real Clear Politics The President no longer enjoys the absolute tightlipped loyalty and respect from his military.  In times past, the President as Commander in Chief of the Armed forces enjoyed silence in the ranks.  Obama has managed to break even that long tradition and now has commanders speaking out about his policies.

It’s sad that President DIVIDER has alienated the troops as well as the citizens.

On the plus side, I suspect that if he were to give an illegal order to the troops today, that there’d be no infighting or discussion about refusing to comply. I’d bet the military would simply say “No”.

The blowback over Bergdahl will intensify to be sure. However I doubt that it will result in the impeachment of the President.  As I’ve commented before if Obama is impeached the country would rapidly devolve into a racially charged civil war of words if not deeds. 

This too is part of the Obama legacy. 

I think he’s going to be safe and will finish out his term in office. 

I’d love to see him given what the Japanese call a “Window Seat”. Essentially this is what happens to high ranking failures in Japanese companies who do not have the good graces to resign. They’re given a beautiful office with no responsibilities or power what so ever. He’d just be trotted out for official photos but the real power would be outside what is now thought of as a horribly corrupt administration.

The really sad thing is that Stompy could have done things so much differently.