Uh OH! President Stompy foot is mad (again)


I read the headline “President Obama is furious about White House scandals”

Then I thought, “Big Deal, So What?”

The President has been furious about each and every one of the scandals and DONE NOTHING!

He’s drawn lines in the sand, and red lines and when those lines were crossed he DID NOTHING!

Then I wondered what he was really furious about. Is he mad that the actions leading to the scandals are happening or is he mad that the Scandals are coming to light?

Fast & Furious – Gunrunning 

Secret Service – General Debauchery (what is it two or three scandals with them now? Hookers, drunkeness, gambling?)

GSA – Wasteful spending

ObamaCare – Flawed untested website that cost much more than it should have.

IRS – Targeting opposition groups to the Presidents party.

Benghazi – Yeah sure, we ALL believed that a badly made internet movie resulted in an attack on the US embassy (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

VA – our soldiers make it home, then are left to die horribly due to neglect. 


If he’s so mad, why hasn’t President Stompy foot FIRED those who were obviously complicit in these debacles?  Immediate termination would be a reasonable response given the seriousness of the offenses.  

Why has the White House been so remiss in turning over documentation to Congress? 

The President has been in office for 6 years. In every single year he’s had a major scandal. In the past twelve months he’s had two.  

I’ve been forced to the conclusion that the President is furious about the scandals. He’s furious about having to deal with them and that his administration has become toxic to the Democratic party.


Midterm elections are coming. Given the mood of the country we’re likely to see a number of blue states inch toward red.  

It should be interesting, unfortunately, I suspect that fixing the problems our country is facing will be delayed while the dust settles.

I’ve got my popcorn and alcohol ready for the next darkly entertaining revelation from this “Most Transparent Administration” in history.

In the mean time, is it channel 500 or 602 for The Roman Circus