I watched CSPAN yesterday.



I continue to be disgusted by the machinations of Elijah Cummings.  I can’t help but think of him as doing nothing more than obfuscating and obstructing the truth.  

I’m not so naive as to believe that the Republicans are saints, THEY AREN’T but in the Lois Lerner affair I think it’s completely reasonable for her to be held in contempt of congress, if for nothing else, than the fact that she ignored a Congressional subpoena. 


When I was growing up, you didn’t ignore a subpoena of any kind, much less one from Congress

I think it’s appropriate to ask for the justice department to evaluate Ms. Lerner’s use of her 5th amendment right, in her testimony before Congress.  

It’s reasonable to ask why Ms Lerner was, and is cooperating with the justice department. But refuses to provide information to a Congressional subcommittee.

I’d personally like to understand why, if there was no wrong doing, she invoked her 5th amendment right the moment she sat down in the Congressional hearing.

No I’m not going to hold my breath that we will ever hear the truth in this matter.


I was particularly disgusted that Cummings talked about wasting money in pursuing the truth. The implication was that at some point the truth takes a back seat to economics.

By extension, this says if you hold out long enough no matter what you’ve done wrong you can get away with it.

I don’t subscribe to that theory.

I think that after Ms. Lerner’s second spectacularly disrespectful appearance before congress that she should have been carted off to jail.

Not for invoking her 5th amendment right, but because she so clearly held the members of the Congressional committee in Contempt.

I’ve always thought if I were called to testify about anything before congress, I’d be in trouble. I doubt that I could keep my personal contempt for some of the congressional members in check. I’ve always assumed that I’d find myself in a jail cell. I was surprised they let her out of the hearing room.