It Begins…

High Winds + Warmer Temps + Long drought = Wildfire

The Etiwanda Fire appears to be the first of the season.


Looks like we’re going to have a long fire season.

Nothing much to do but make sure that you have a bugout kit.

This particular fire isn’t too big a deal to us on this side of the mountain, some folks in the foothills above Rancho Cucamonga and Ontario have been evacuated

This does serve as a reminder that all of us need defensible space around our homes. Take out the dead brush and make sure that you have your evacuation plans and rally points well defined so that you & your loved ones can meet if you get separated.

Lots of folks left for work this morning and they’ll find they can’t get home tonight due to mandatory evacuations.

If you have friends in the evacuation areas, you might try giving them a call. I’ll be making some phone calls a bit later to offer my guest room to friends.

As of this time, there’s no air support because the winds are too high for the aircraft to take off.

Be Safe