Praise Jeebus Houston is in my rear view mirror


I have never in my life been through such a screwed up city. I thought LA freeways were screwed up.

Houston takes the prize!

Part of the freeway instruction is painted on the roadway. OK I can deal with that. So you start following the indicators on the freeway, picture this you’re in a new town with crazy traffic and you’re being led through the absolute middle of the city. Then the markings stop and there’s no signage that says anything convenient or useful like I-10 This way!

Needless to say, I ended up lost. The navigation system was confused and having a hard time locking on satellites due to the overpasses. After a while I just turned the nav off then looked at the city map and chose a direction. I figured if I could just get the hell out of the madness of the city I could correct and get back to the I-10. That technique worked but I ended up in Pasadena and had to pay a 2.00 toll to get back to the 10, on the eastern side of the city


I was taking the I-10 you know, the freeway that connects the West Coast to the East Coast? A main thoroughfare…

Those people really need to make some signage that directs travelers around their insanity it would probably help their traffic woes just by keeping travelers out of the city.

But wait, there was an accident too, that plus the Texans propensity to never, ever, break the speed limit, even to avoid an accident or let someone change lanes meant that I lost 2.5 hours to the craziness.

While a Texan won’t break the speed limit, they’ll roll through a stop sign or a red light without any thought. They’ll cut 18 wheelers off with less than 1/2 a car length and expect the 18 wheeler to be able to stop.

By the time I got to Beaumont I’d finally calmed down.

Had another unique experience in Louisiana. There was an accident or something and I was stuck on a bridge over a swamp for about an hour. I watched the wildlife in the cypresses and actually didn’t mind the delay too much.