Lets ride the Obamacare merry-go-round again!


I swear, A LOT!

Especially when I’m having to deal with the complete and utter Bullshit that Obamacare is causing in average folks lives.

But I really start swearing when I’m having to clean up the mess Obamacare has introduced into my nice neat life. For the second time in less than a month it appears that my insurance is in an indeterminate state.

The primary hitch seems to be in the prescription coverage.

I spoke to a nice young lady a few weeks ago and she gave me the proper string of numbers and letters to have a prescription filled. I found out today that string of letters and numbers doesn’t work anymore.

Which loops me back to the problem that I was trying to solve several weeks ago that required me being on hold for 5 hours or so.

At the time I asked the nice young lady if there was a problem with my policy. She said nope, you’re paid up until March.

Uhh, it’s Feb 3rd and apparently there is something wrong with my insurance.

I’ve now been on hold for another hour and aside from the same repeating loop of music and a female voice saying,

“All agents are still assisting other callers please continue to hold and your call will be answered as soon as possible.  Thank you for your patience.”

Nothing much has changed.


As I sit here on hold I realized that if someone was trying to sort out this problem from their place of employment, they’d have to take a day off from work.

Think about the people in retail or the waiters and waitresses. Do you think their employers would accept the fact that they need to be on hold for hours on end just to sort out getting a prescription for their sick child?

Why should I as an independent business person have to ignore my clients and not get any work done because I’m dealing with Obamacare or the ramifications of Obamacare?

Does all this lost time get factored into the cost equations of implementing Obamacare? It should!

The boondoggle of Obamacare is not only canceling insurance for people that were previously insured, it’s creating a backlog of clients like myself who cannot get assistance when they need it.

People signing up doesn’t mean jack shit if those people can’t actually access the policy or services that they’ve bought and paid for.

Sarah Palin was wrong, there won’t be death panels.

There will simply be people dying of neglect. If you’d like to see how that plays out I suggest that you get hold of a movie called “The Hospital” sorry it’s not available on Netflix.  The movie has, George C Scott, Diana Rigg, Barnard Hughes, and Richard Dysart. It was made in 1971. The blurb on IMDB doesn’t sound like much but it’s really well done.

Well this time, it turns out the computers cancelled me on Jan 1st.

Might have been bloody nice if they’d told me I was cancelled. Of course that cancellation wasn’t supposed to have happened. Then again neither was my migration to another policy that wouldn’t have taken effect until March of this year, leaving me with no coverage for 2 months.

Again it would have been really nice if the insurance company had, oh… I don’t know, MENTIONED something to me about it.

Instead my only indications were that I suddenly didn’t have prescriptions coverage. Thank God I didn’t need to go to a hospital.

All this has been absolutely wonderful raising my blood pressure.

Everything is sorted out until Feb 15th When I get to go through another enrollment process and figure out if I’m eligible for subsidies.


Subsidies?!?!? to pay a bill that I was capable of paying without assistance before Obamacare. I’m very confused about that. After all where does the money for subsidies come from?

Oh yeah from our tax dollars.

I guess this is what redistribution of wealth looks like.