Its Vegas Baby!

20140117-101803.jpg Before you get the wrong impression. It’s not been a trip of debauchery, not yet anyway!

Hanging with my Brother has been great.

Vegas is a strange place, it truly is configured as an adult playground.

Everything is designed to make all your common sense go out the window and make you more likely to spend money in one way or another.

Not that there is anything wrong with that, it’s just interesting to note.

Connectivity is hit and miss. I was thinking that was strange, but then again the last thing the hotels want is you looking at your iPad or computer. They want you wandering in the shopping areas, or casinos.

As I’ve wandered around I can’t help thinking this is a proof of concept for our future in space or a future on a hostile planet. It’s possible to go from hotel to hotel without ever seeing the light of day.

The movie Wall-e springs to mind.

Today’s picture is from the hotel room.

Those mountains look inviting.

The noise and hubbub of the city is something I don’t think I could put up with for very many days.