His journey to the dark side is complete!

My friend who’s a new iPhone, iPad user has in fact taken quite well to the conversion.


How do I know this?

A running conversation through airports across the nation. via iMessage; Messages sent at oh dark thirty (his time) from his iPhone. 

And the final proof!

A status email sent this morning that ended; “sent from my iPad”



Welcome to the dark side my friend.

You’ll enjoy the products and I’m sure that more Apple devices are in your future.

Your expression when I showed you what an iPad and Apple TV could do together, told me you’ll have a couple within the month. That didn’t even include my showing you how to manage porn.

I also suspect that you will replace your Windows computer with a Mac of some kind. It’s inevitable.

I love it when not only do I convert someone, I’m especially gratified when they take to the conversion like ducks to water!

Now if we can just get you over that pesky data cap fear.