Government shutdown?


I’m not sure a government shutdown a bad thing.

I’m guessing that it will have ramifications that are far more wide reaching than any of us know.

If it was just dysfunctional Washington DC that was turning out the lights I’d probably be out in the streets dancing. And not just because I’m a registered Republican. I honestly think i’d be the same if I was a registered Democrat. 

That joy wouldn’t be over the services shutting down, and certainly not that our troops aren’t going to get paid.


Honestly, how the hell can you expect to retain your military if you’re imposing hardships on their families by not paying those guys salaries? Their families live barely above the poverty line anyway.

Does this mean that the troops are allowed to come home? I didn’t think so.

My happiness would be that the politicians wouldn’t be paid.

I’d be happy that they might experience financial hardships, (like the common folks) and I believe that Republicans and Democrats alike bear the responsibility for this mess.

I think that the Government should shut down from the TOP down, not the bottom up.

Let a congressman miss his house payment or car payment. Let a representative suddenly not be able to pay for his or her child’s ivy league education.

Then we’d see how fast the Republicans and Democrats come together to make the government work.

Sadly, like most management fucks…


They’ll core out the services before touching their fat assed paychecks, pensions, golden parachutes, and what have you.

I wish that the shutdown would work like a computer.


Drop to basic functions starting with The Constitution

Then have to elect all the politicians again.

Hopefully the people would toss out the idiots that led to the impasse and hire a better group of politicians.

I know that’s not how it’s going to work.

But a guys gotta have dreams…