Day 3 of the flood control construction

This is probably going to drive me completely insane. Eight weeks of this kind of noise and rumbling???? 

Maybe I’m just a little grouchy. I know I’m totally random in thinking today. There’s no controlling my errant mind.


I didn’t get much sleep last night. I ate something that I swore was an Alien trying to get out.

One thing I can say is that death by Alien would have been more humane.

I began to wonder if I was reenacting the bathroom scene from Dreamcatcher. 

That scene will make you think twice about a lot of things, especially at 3am.

I’m still feeling like crap. (Yeah, I said it)

I couldn’t sleep late because of the construction.

7:30 am Horns blaring, crane starts moving, ground starts rumbling.

7:32 am I haul my sore ass out of bed and stumble toward the coffee machine. I pause, wondering if this is a good idea, say screw it choke down my morning vitamins and go for it.

7:35 am gut not reacting to the coffee. Cool must have passed through.

7:45 am Second cup of coffee

7:47 am go to my desk try to write some shit… Mind wandering, software update notification, New IOS 7available. Start download try to write more.

… what was I doing?

Why is it 11:00am? Why does my neck hurt? Must have Zoned out. Download failed, restarting, go get shower warm water feels good.

11:30 clean, warm, hungry, more coffee.

12:30 computer bitching about iPad purchases and need to xfer them to computer prior to update. What purchases? iPad says sync completed. Unplug iPad, replug iPad, resync, same error… too tired to deal with this…

Don’t care, if purchased I can re-download whatever the hell it was. Command system to update!


Kinda like Microsoft Bing. Google always presents only news items from communist liberal sources. Bing seems to be better balanced. God I hate systems that try to be too helpful but above all I’m not sure I like systems that filter what they show me. Google doesn’t know me but seems to think it does.

Wonder where those tracking cookies are stored? Think about flushing all cookies everywhere on system. Not up to it… too many possible ways to screw that up and I’m not entirely sure I’ve got all the passwords that may be stored.

iPad cooking… Software update in progress, taking along time, cooking rice in kitchen, liking the iTunes radio smooth jazz is good. Update complete, rice not.

IOS7 looks pretty good.

Rice finished… Lunch! Followed by going to bed cause I’m feeling really bad again.

Hope your day is better than mine.