More complicated than it seemed.


This morning I began the simplification of my internet life.

I hadn’t really considered just how complex it had become over time.

Turns out that I have more than 10 email accounts. 


When did I think I needed all those? Was I stoned or just stupid? Had to be the latter I don’t do the former…

I suppose this could be an cautionary tail of the hazards of drunk computing… But I don’t recall being drunk. I think it was more about not paying attention.

Of course this affords an opportunity to flush accounts that have become largely SPAM collectors. 

This presents a challenge to an orderly shutdown. Even the SPAM collectors are still associated with some legitimate business accounts like various utilities.

I’ve got to search through the emails that are stored in several of these accounts then contact the utilities  to change the email to one of the accounts that I will be using in the future.

That takes time, and means that I have to keep the email account active to receive the confirmation email about changing the email address. It’s a pain in the behind. One of my own creation.

I have been able to de-activate 3 email accounts as of this morning. Seems like only a billion to go!

I’ll take the small successes.

The biggest problem is going to be the gmail accounts. (Yes, multiple gmail accounts. Don’t ask!)

Why go to all this trouble you ask?

Simplification of my life. 

I figured I’d make it easier for the NSA, FBI, IRS, CIA, SAS, and whoever else wants to read my email to do so. (I did think of a maddening method to drive those guys crazy)

I think in large part it’s that I want to pull away from Google. I have the resources I don’t need “FREE” email accounts and why should I provide them with all kinds of marketing and demographic information if I have no need to.

Unless Apple really screws the pooch with the new iPhone I’ve pretty much decided to move away from the Android platform and standardize on the Apple environment until something demonstrably better comes along. That means I have no need to maintain gmail accounts to support my phone anymore.

Take a look at your online life.

You might find there’s a lot more about you on the internet than you realize or are comfortable with. Use me as a cautionary tale, don’t let your email addresses or your other online data get out of control.

It’s a pain in the butt to clean up… Trust me!