Happy Sunday


I’m cleaning up another mess of my own making.

I was in a hurry the other day and I shutdown my computer while it was “Cleaning Up” after a backup to one of my drives.

I was a “BAD BOY”. I figured “cleaning up” was just deleting old outdated files and that by executing a shutdown and letting the computer take a full minute to do so would give the backup time to write a file that would save it’s place and I could do what I needed to do. Like go try to make some money.

I was wrong… Not only was I wrong I was very wrong. It corrupted the backup and now I’ve gotta wait for the backup to be deleted and recreated. Oh Joy!

Don’t get me wrong. I actually like Apples Time Machine.

Albeit less so in the Mountain Lion version than I did in the Snow Leopard version. 

Snow Leopard just freakin worked! never a problem in 5 solid years of operation and really what more can you ask of a backup program? I mean it did it’s job, it was quiet about it, and never once failed to get me the data I needed to restore. I always gave it a 10 out of 10.

The Mountain Lion version is far less reliable.

I find myself often correcting problems that should never have occurred. As I have today…

Not really a big deal per se but annoying.

In this particular case because I’ve lost faith in the backup routine I have the system backing up to 3 different drives. Two of the drives are network drives and the third is a little USB3 1TB pocket drive from WD. 

The really annoying thing is that if one of the backups reports an error, rather that cycling to the next drive sometimes Time Machine will simply stop backing up altogether.

This results in a situation like today when I found that the last backup had actually completed at 2:45am on Thursday.

I miss the old Time Machine but this one is what I’m dealing with so I suck it up and deal with it.

I’m hoping that the next version of OSX “Mavericks” has addressed this problem and that they’ve fixed some other issues they have with the built-in email program.

I like the built-in program better than I like Outlook. It’s a usability thing for me. Outlook is just fine but some of the things that Outlook does are really not that Mac friendly.

I gotta say, I really LIKE Gigabit ethernet. The backup claims it will be complete in approximately one hour. That’s 112.46GB of data. Damn fast, by comparison to 100MB.

I’ve got to find a nice 16port Gigabit ethernet switch and replace my 100mb switch in the wiring closet. I had the house wired with CAT6 and many of the devices on my network are Gigabit capable. They’re being throttled down by the slow switch.

Tuesday is the big day.

We’ll hear and see the new iPhones and know when to line up outside our Apple stores to purchase them! I think the President is speaking about Syria around the same time.

I’ll be watching the Apple presentation.

I’m not really interested in the Presidents justification for attacking another country. Yeah the use of sarin is wrong but it’s an internal situation between the government of Syria and the rebels against that government.

It’s none of our country’s business until the UN or one of our allies asks for our help with the situation. 

I’ve said it before. If the world wants us to become Peace Keepers fine. The world should pay for our services NOT the American Taxpayers. 

Also our Military men & women should be getting damn good salaries for our peace keeping actions. You know, living wages not salaries below the poverty line.

But I realize doing what I’m suggesting would legitimize a mercenary force. And why should the UN actually PAY for services when they can get them for free?

Off to go do some other things then I’ll catch up on the news…

It’s a nice lazy Sunday here in the mountains. Hope yours is as nice where ever you are.