Well I Apologize…

It seems that in my cleverness I enabled a commenting system that wouldn’t work for people that were using IOS to make comments.


Not only would it not post the comment… the system I was using wouldn’t even bother to notify me that someone had tried to make a comment.

It seems to work just fine for Chinese Rolex knockoff sites..,. Who knew?

I’ve checked, comments weren’t sitting in the SPAM folder, they weren’t in the trash folder and they weren’t just sitting in the pending folder.

Wherever your lost comments ended up… Know that they’re in a better place now.

I’m really sorry to any of you who tried to post comments only to have your hard work not show up in the comments section.

In an Ironic twist… 

A buddy of mine sent me an email telling me that he’d commented on “Do you really trust the Internet” and that the comment was MIA. 

So I Suppose this proves the point, you can’t trust the internet!

I’ve switched to a different posting system. I don’t like it as much, but it has the advantage that it works… I think.

I posted something from my iPad and got the proper notifications.

A few things about the comments section.

You can post anonymously for the time being, if this becomes a problem then I will go back to requiring names and email addresses.

All Comments are moderated. Meaning that if I think you’re way out of line I reserve the right to wish your comment into the Corn Field. Something I’ve not had to do, except to people trying to use my blog and bandwidth for free advertisement. 

Abusive comments toward me or toward other posters will not be tolerated. I’ll wish your comment into the Corn Field.

If a person becomes a specific problem, I can blacklist them. I don’t really want to do it but it’s possible. Essentially this is wishing you into the Corn Field.

One last thing, you can’t comment on a post older than 14 days. That’s a way to keep some of the snake oil sales people at bay. 

Remember, I enjoy a bit of interaction, even if you disagree with me. At least I know you’re reading and that makes any writer a happy camper.

If you’d like to send a private email you’re welcome to use the email link listed under the “Contact” heading.

Once again, I’m very sorry if I frustrated anyone…

I kept thinking it was too quiet!

“Wishing someone into the corn field” was from what TV Show? What was the actors name that did the wishing? And where did this actor show up later in their TV/Film Career?

Hey, Just because I screwed up doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun…