If you want to lose all your work…

Just turn on iTunes!

I swear, after the latest update to iTunes I’ve had more crashes and slow shitty operation than I can ever remember having.


My computer is a very busy machine. As a general rule I have many applications and processes running all the time.

It’s not uncommon for me to have several file copies running at once. Plus routine backups, and various downloads running Via Safari or FTP.

Often there are so many processes running that I honestly forget how much my computer is doing while I’m typing away on a blog or working on the book.

That is until I think, “Hey I meant to load that application on my iPad.

Then I’ll bring up iTunes and watch hours of work and backups and file copies turn to shit.

I thought programs in the Apple OS were supposed to be sandboxed. I thought I was supposed to be able to kill programs that had fucked themselves over without having to worry about other programs being disrupted on the system.

Not if iTunes decides to hose you.

How can one single program fuck itself over, then fuck over file copies and the ability to save files in 3 other applications?

How can one single Apple Written and sanctioned program refuse a Force Quit Command? How can that same program prevent access to the UNIX Terminal where I could issue a Kill command directly to the OS?

How can one signal entertainment program violate all the rules and seize control of the system in such a way that only a hard power down will return control to me The User!

Talk about a way to really piss off a user…

I shouldn’t have to shutdown every other program to use iTunes but that is clearly what I’m going to have to start doing.