Sharp Fire Day 4

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Looks like the evacuation order will be lifted sometime today.

Unfortunately, this will happen after the checkout time for this hotel. Oh well, we’re going to be charged for the day, sigh…

There’s supposed to be a re-entry plan posted at noon.

I’m not sure exactly what that means but I suspect Police may be checking IDs at the bottom of East Canyon.

On the one hand yeah that’s a pain, on the other hand it’s reasonable if it keeps the lookie loos and criminal element out of the area.

It really SUCKS that there are scumbags who might try to go in, rob a place and then leave before the real homeowner was able to return.

The fire is about 75% contained and they’ve managed to make significant progress in making fire lines.

To date no homes have been lost. There have been two injuries to Firefighters but nothing severe has been reported. For that I’m thankful. One injury was a back injury and the other was something heat related

I’d rather see the homes burn than firefighters severely injured or killed. It’s a balance, Firefighters do a really dangerous job and sometimes they get hurt badly or killed. I’d never want one of these brave souls to get killed protecting my house… I’d tell them run! Let it burn! Your life is more valuable than my stuff.

Having watched my house burn in 2008 I guess my perspective is a little different. My stuff can be replaced, a Firefighters life can’t.

This is not to say I don’t appreciate the job these folks do. I’m very grateful that they’ve stopped the fire and my home is still there.

But if I had to choose between my house and stuff, and a Firefighter. Hands Down every time I choose the Firefighter.

I actually said that to several of the guys as they were suiting up, before we were asked to evacuate.

I looked carefully at the faces of the men as they marched up the hill. They knew they were walking into a tough situation you could see the tension in their faces.

The incline is very steep, their packs on average weigh 40lbs. I knew what the hike ahead of them was going to be like. I can’t imagine what that hike would be like with fire, and smoke, knowing that you have a job to do, and that no matter how much you plan with fire… you can’t ever plan enough.

When I hoist my pack and hike up the canyon I know I can always turn around and go home. I know my house is there, with food and water and air conditioning.

These guys, had none of that easy security, and yet they kept marching.

My respect for them, and what they do is boundless.

There was nothing I could do to help them. I could tell them the lay of the land, I could tell them my water was on and that once I left they were welcome to park at my place. I connected a hose to the front hose bib, (the softened water spigot). They could fill their canteens and rest if they wanted in the shady coolness of the decks. They could eat at the table on the deck like human beings if they chose.

That was all I could do, except leave and get out of their way.

What they did for me can’t be repaid with parking, or water, or a shady place to rest. Had I stayed in my home, I’d have been cooking for them.

But I think maybe them not having to worry about me was worth more to them.

I hope my appreciation and thanks helps to balance the scales a little bit.


Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!