Now that my brain has rebooted…


Nothing like having the pipes cleaned out to make you feel better and spark the creative flow… so to speak.

I always thought Deadly Sperm Buildup was a myth. Apparently it’s a real condition! 

I’d been so tied up with other things / chaos in my life I’d forgotten the most basic of my needs. 

The need to get my rocks off.

Talk about something that harshes your buzz!

So how do you know that you’re experiencing DSB?

The symptoms are as follow:

1 You’re not terribly creative.

2 You’re really pretty cranky

3 Sex starts to not seem all that important

4 Your thought processes and hence your blog posts are completely randomized! (Much more so than normal)

The cure is to grab your dick and tug, a more effective cure is to have someone else grab your dick and … well you get the picture.

Tugging on your own dick, is something I heartily recommend on a regular basis just to remind you that you’re alive.

It’s way too easy to be distracted these days.

Be good to yourself and make time to play.