Absolute Silence…

DSC 0243E

Today I’d intended to go out and fire up the weed whacker. The yard is a mess & I hadn’t really noticed until yesterday, I don’t’ know how I missed it.

But when I got up this morning, I encountered an unusual silence. No cars, no motorcycles, no power tools in the distance, absolutely nothing.

At first I thought the power must be out. A quick check showed all the clocks, and digital indicators were powered up. Then I remembered it’s Fathers Day. 

I guess dads all over town are taking a day off from their weekend chores. Maybe today they’re having leisurely breakfasts, and perhaps a roll in the hay before dispensing hugs of thanks for the macaroni cards and silly ties. Then they’re opening shiny new tools that they’ll use next weekend.

In the meantime the only sounds I can hear are the birds chirping, and the breeze in the trees. I’m thankful for the silence and I don’t want to disturb the status quo.

I’m afraid if anyone makes any noise at all then all the sounds of mankind will suddenly intrude.

Even the tapping sounds of my keyboard seems loud right now. 

It’s probably just as well that I’m sitting quietly and enjoying the peace & quiet. I didn’t sleep well. My experience has been that if I mix power tools with lack of sleep, bad things tend to happen. I’ll just deal with the yard tomorrow when the construction crew starts up in the wash again.

Happy Fathers day all.

Enjoy the silence.