Ahhh Bliss…


I turned off Twitter, the TV, and am not reading or looking at any “News” sources.

After watching President Obamas brief speech this morning I simply couldn’t take any more.

The silence has been very nice. The more I’ve heard over the past week the madder I’ve gotten. After a couple of hours of peace & quiet I’m feeling much better.

I have been thinking it’s funny that the tin foil hat wearing crowd may have been vindicated!


I’ve also been enjoying the thought that the most rabid of the Democrats must be twitching in apoplectic fits that their “Savior” seems to be at the center of a maelstrom of  scandals.

Somehow thinking of those Democrats (including one who told me I was a moron in my own home after accepting my hospitality) drinking themselves into a stupor over all of this, is somewhat satisfying.

Make no mistake. 


The last Republican administration wasn’t any better. 

But the haughty arrogance that so many of the Democratic representatives have exhibited and that their rabid constituents have leveled directly at people like me, is deserving of a humbling.

More often than not I happen to agree with the Republican stance on issues.

I don’t agree with the Republicans about DOMA, and didn’t agree with them about DADT. I have a serious problem with the ultra fundamentalists injecting God into the government and then being shown as hypocrites when they’re caught with their pants down porking or being porked by some sweet young congressional page. I’d love to tell the hypocritical Republicans that Defense of Marriage starts at home. If they can’t live up to their vows, then how can they possibly be defenders of the institution.


I most often don’t agree with the Democrats, about anything. I don’t think endless government agencies and intervention is the way. I don’t think that outrageous spending is going to help do much of anything except put our country further into debt.

But I work pretty hard to see both sides of an issue. 


I can honestly say I’ve never told someone I disagreed with on twitter “Fuck off”, “I hope you get cancer”, “I hope you get shot”, “I’m sure that the natural disaster that has leveled your town is karmic payback for your beliefs.”, “Gee you seem like you want to learn perhaps you should go to a real school and learn the right information.” 

All of these curses/comments have been leveled at me for no other reason than I didn’t agree with the Democratic perspective. Or I committed the horrific affront of asking for facts. Just because I don’t drink the Democratic Kool-Aid doesn’t mean I’ve been smoking the Republican bong.

Scandal logos

What I really want is that simplest most elusive of Human states. Freedom!

I want to be free from religion, interference, hatred, hostility, and rhetoric.

I want to marry who I want to, and be left the hell alone to live my life MY WAY without 10,000 busybodies telling me that I’m wrong or trying to control every moment of my existence.

What I want is to tell Washington, and Sacramento;

You’re not living my life, I am. You don’t have a fucking clue about what’s best for me so let me marry the consenting adult of my choice, get your hands out of my pocket, your regulations out of my face and keep your noses out of my business.

And one more thing Government… 

I look at our relationship as a contract. One that you’ve not delivered on… If I were to have broken a contract as thoroughly and intentionally as you have, I’d be in jail.

Time for you Government, to realize you’re not above the law, you’re as bound by it as I am. 

So Start acting like it!