Weird Dream

I often remember snippets of my dreams, but occasionally I remember big chunks of them and baby i have a NewImagereally strange dream world.

The dream in question this time is I’m in a nifty little house and all is right with the world. The house is small and efficient and there’s not a lot of space.

My stuff is where it should be and I’m whistling a tune as I’m cleaning this little place. (That’s how I know I was dreaming I can’t whistle to save my life!)

So I’m dusting or wiping down something and I open a door to wipe down the doorjamb (another sure clue I’m dreaming, nobody does that… Well I can think of one person who might. I’ll ask the next time I talk to him.


The door opens and I glance into the space beyond. I really don’t pay it any mind but as I’m cleaning I see a beam of sunlight coming through a skylight illuminating a beautiful space with a large stone fireplace.

I think “oh crap I’m going to be cleaning all day”

Then I pass through the door of my little efficient space into this grand space. The place is decorated exactly in the style I prefer. As I move from room to room I realize how truly big the place is. Each room is appointed exactly  in my taste.

The place is strangely familiar but a little uncomfortable, it’s that feeling that you get when you’re in someone NewImageelse’s home when you’re house-sitting.

This place though seems much more familiar. It’s like finding something half forgotten from your childhood in a random box. You’re connected to the object and holding it unlocks tons of memories. 

As I move from room to room I suddenly realize that this grand house is mine, but that for some reason not only am I living in a fraction of the available space, but I’m choosing to live in the smaller place.

All I need is a lizard with a tattoo wandering through the place and my dream scape would be complete.

I miss the good old days when I had nothing to worry about except dreams of space battles and alien species NewImageannoying me. 

At least those dreams made some kind of sense!