Well ain’t that a kick in the pants?

Was looking through the blog yesterday, I knew I’d written a piece about sex toys a while back.

As I was looking for the piece I kept coming across missing images. At first I thought something really bad had happened.

Well, in a way that’s true. 

The bad thing happening was me!

When I moved the blog from blogger to my own domain I used this nifty utility to do the move.

What I didn’t realize was that only the text was moved. The images remained where they were stored on blogger. 

The utility just reconfigured the links so that they pointed to the correct location.

A few weeks ago I was cleaning out old accounts and part of that cleanup was deletion of the redundant blogposts on blogger. And what I thought were redundant photos in several directories.


As I was merrily deleting away, I was also deleting the images from both blogs. I don’t know if I have a backup or not that will put everything back in the correct places. If I don’t c’est la vié.

Looks like I have a backup of the text, but not the photos.

Oh well live and learn.

If I can come up with some clever way to locate the photos and put them back I will, otherwise you’ll just have to use your imagination.