Ughhh! I hate Doctors Appointments

I just remembered I have a Dr Appointment today. I hate doctors appointments, I always feel so… violated.

Well I’ve already had coffee with sugar so there goes the cholesterol screening.


Oooopps! Oh well.

Been thinking about a lot of things where the Doc is concerned.

I like him a lot but he’s too busy. He’s also recently (within the past year) gotten some new help and frankly they’re snotty little bitches.

Again we go back to the basic question of “Who is the Customer and Who is the service provider?” 

It’s funny how often issues boil down to that simple question.

From Politicians to Physicians, Lawyers to Mechanics, Educators to Customer Service people, it’s always the same. If they forget that you’re the one paying the bill it’s time to remind them.

You can do that by finding someone else or by working your way up the chain of command. All too often we forget that simple truth.

I’ve been contacted more by the satellite company recently than in the previous 10 years I was their customer. All because I told them exactly why I was pulling the plug. I guess $1400 a year gone from a customer that was no trouble and who paid their bill on time due to crappy customer service got their attention.

I know my place. Apparently these new people at my Doctors office don’t know theirs.

I’m asking myself do I want to expend the energy to train them? Or do I want to expend that energy to find a new physician?

In a typical year I see a Doctor only once or twice.

Like most men, It’s gotta be arterial bleeding before I even think about going to a Doc.

Because of that when I fucking call with a problem I don’t want some smart mouth little bitch giving me more attitude than that Snookie woman from Jersey, or one of the Kardashian sluts.

I want straight answers and if I leave a message for the Doc to call me back… He damn well better get the message. 

I’ve been nice and polite and gotten nowhere.

I had hives from something he told me to take last year. I had no idea Hives could be dangerous. I thought they were simply an annoyance. Didn’t matter, I never got a call back from the Doctor. It was the pharmacist at my local Rite Aid who clued me in and helped me out.

I think the Doctor and I are going to have a little discussion about my expectations.

If he can meet those expectations great! if not… I’m going to be looking for a new Doc.

I’ve approached this health thing as a partnership if I’ve become another piece of meat well then we have a major problem.

On the plus side… I’m going to go drinking with some buddies I haven’t seen in a long time. That should be fun.

Maybe then I won’t feel quite so violated…