Waiting for the Cable installer


After a lot of deliberation, we’ve decided to go Cable again.

it’s not that we’re particularly unhappy with the DirectTV service it’s that, well… it’s expensive.

We’ve contacted DirectTV several times about downgrading our service and each time we’re talking to someone that barely speaks English and who tells us that to downgrade will require that we choose one of the “New” lineups.

We say “ok, tell us about the new lineups” and then we find out that even with the new lineup and removing the premium channels we’re going to be paying as much or more per month than we are now.

To which we said in the past … “Uhhh Nope because that doesn’t serve our purpose.

Then Mr. or Mrs. Xpenitrylakakakakflem

Tries to explain to us that for just a little more we can have everything we have now, and the smashing lineup of Al Qaeda Tonight, North Korea Today, Nairobi News, and that all time favorite… Allah is Watching & Ready to Kill You.

At which point we usually end the conversation with “no thanks”, “no thank you”, “Really! No thank You!” then hanging up.

It’s a remarkably efficient method for the DirectTV staff to DO Nothing, and yet retain a fairly normalized stream of income. I respect that kind of efficiency and control. If I’m ever in charge of the world I’ll implement this strategy.

Imagine a Tax structure based on this model. Whenever someone bitched, they got upgraded and paid more. Those that kept quiet would be lucky to pay the old amount they’d been paying for years. WAIT A MINUTE!!!! That’s what we have NOW!!! Damn!

Until recently we didn’t really have another choice.

IMG 0126

Many years ago, there was a cable company up here. They were terrible!

In a little less than 2 years, every single house in this town went to one of the satellite providers. It was amazing to watch and should have served as a lesson to all service providers.

Unfortunately the lesson the satellite services taught the cable people has been forgotten by the satellite providers.

A cable company is trying to make a return to the area.

Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t have given them a thought except that there’s talk about the cable company bringing high speed internet services up here.

This is something that the satellite providers can’t compete with.

Couple this with the impression we all have that Verizon isn’t interested in providing FiOS or even expanding their DSL service beyond those that already have it and ….

Well the cable provider starts to gain some traction.

I’ll admit, I kinda like the idea of not having to brush snow off the dish in the middle of a dark winter night too.

So this morning is an experiment. If The Cable company can get us good cable signal without making a mess of the outside of the house then we’ll go with them. Otherwise we’ll stay with DirectTV until something better comes along.

Thing is, as little TV as we’re watching anymore I’m much more interested in high speed internet.

I want a completely ON-Demand entertainment paradigm.

With the exception of maybe one or two programs, I’m not watching much of anything over the broadcast channels anymore. Those programs that I do watch I can get over Hulu, Apple, or Netflix. The problem is the DSL internet speed isn’t up to the challenge.

I’m looking at this cable experiment as an investment. I figure if the cable is already in the house, it will be just that much easier to switch on internet. If they offer phone as part of the package, then I’m going to tell Verizon to piss off.

The problem with these companies is that they forget who the customer is.


I guess I identify way too much with the Nebari.

Yes, I know they’re characters from a SciFi show. But their attitude toward service providers is what Utility companies should remember.

The Nebari command and “Servicers” Obey.

What an interesting arrangement!

Perhaps I’ll start referring to these people as the Nebari do.

Servicer, you will fix my cable. Servicer you will provide me the services that I’m paying for.

It does have a nice ring to it. I wonder if it would remind the utility company personnel of their role in the equation?


The alternative is for me to just go full on Demonic mode and devour their souls.

Then the litany, or Mantra “Yes Sir, I understand your concern, I’m sorry for the inconvenience” will finally lose all meaning and simply become a prayer for deliverance from evil.

That too has a nice ring to it.