Free I’m free at last!

Today marks the first day of freedom from Express Scripts.


Can I get a hallelujah!

No longer will I be forced into using generic drugs if I don’t want to. It’s once again my choice to manage MY own prescription world.

I once again can go to the LOCAL pharmacy. Where I can ask a pharmacist questions and know that I’ll actually be talking to someone that knows what the fuck they’re talking about.

No more talking to a moron on a telephone who obviously couldn’t give a shit about what they’ve sent, where they sent it, or that what they sent isn’t the right shit in the first place.

The down side is that I’ll be paying through the nose but that’s better than having to fight the fucking insurance company every time I need something.

Even if I was paying for a prescription out of pocket… I ended up wasting time (mine and the pharmacy staff) because I’d call in a prescription and the insurance assholes would override my request.

Then I’d go to the pharmacy and have to have the pharmacist take back the generic shit that doesn’t work on my body to replace it with the shit I wanted in the first place and was willing to pay cash for.

Generic drugs, with a different chemical make up aren’t the same as the real deal. Generics may work in a similar fashion but maybe not as well, that’s often why the generic was superseded in the first place.

Remember having to take an antibiotic 6 times a day? Now it’s not unusual to have a prescription antibiotic that you only have to take once a day and the new drug doesn’t give you the shits either.

Let me see… I have to take a handful of pills 6 times a day and I’ll need to have a diaper or I can take one pill a day and go on with my life without scoping out where the nearest toilet is.

UHH let me have option fucking B!

Now I can choose generics if they make sense and they’re effective otherwise I can pay for non generic and know the shit will work.


I’m fully aware that I may not be so thrilled the first month I get the bill. But at least I have freedom of choice instead of being told cheerfully that since a generic version of the drug I’d been taking for years was now available I would be forced to accept the generic. Oh and you’ll have to have your doctor jump through hoops to get that prescription filled.

With Express Scripts in my rear view mirror perhaps at least one portion of my life will get a little simpler.

If your HR department happens to mention Express Scripts as an option during your next open enrollment… Tell them in no uncertain terms you refuse.

Believe me if a conference room full of people say something like “We’re quitting if you force us to deal with that prescription coverage company” your HR people will probably listen.

In my case, I asked questions but the majority of the folks in the room just wanted to get through the presentation. After 3 years dealing with Express Scripts those same folks welcomed being laid off. We’d all had similar stories of horrific dealings with Express Scripts.

The classic was the guy whose meds had to be kept cold. Express Scripts sent his stuff in an uninsulated paper envelope in February to Los Angeles. At the time it was in the 80s and the drugs were ruined.

When he called Express Scripts asking for a replacement and explaining what happened the Express Script people told him its Winter, “We don’t ship in insulated packaging in Winter.” After Express Scripts had screwed up 3 consecutive shipments they finally sent him to his local pharmacy.

Good riddance to a fucked up company with a shitty customer service philosophy. Hello to freedom…