It’s a chores day

20130217-100025.jpgToday in the mountains it’s heating up quickly.

Already in the 40s and just past 9.

It’s a chores day. I’m doing Laundry, poo patrol, general cleanup before the storm that’s coming in on Tuesday.

Some of the weather reports are saying this storm will be rain. Others are saying that it could drop 18″ of snow in the higher elevations. The problem is, which higher elevations, and what do they consider higher?

Since I’m at roughly 6000ft it might be a big deal.

On the other hand, they might be talking about the ocean facing mountains and where I’m at will get whatever makes it over the mountain behind me. That puppy is 8000ft I think.

It’s possible that the bulk of the storm is just going to crash against the mountain and leave us with nothing more than decorative snow.

That’s the problem with these things, you can’t ever tell what’s going to happen.

So I take the opportunity to handle outdoor chores when I can during the Winter and then I hope I don’t have to go anywhere. It sounds like some of the neighbors below me are doing the same thing.

We’ve had a pretty mild Winter so I’m not complaining, however I’ve been dreaming about warm Caribbean waters, beautiful beaches and diving.

This morning I was dreaming about being naked in the sun, and this big Komodo Dragon looking lizard was walking along a fence coming right at me.

The lizard did a double flip off the fence, stuck the landing took a bow then climbed back on the fence heading the other way. It had a tattoo on its tail that said “Mac”.

I was thinking about how odd it was for a lizard to have a tattoo then I woke up. Somehow the double flip and all that seemed perfectly reasonable.

I don’t know anybody named Mac. I did, but he died many years ago. I’m sure that the Freudian psychologists in the crowd are all sharpening their pencils.

Maybe tonight I’ll have another dream that will shed some light on what exactly my twisted subconscious is trying to tell me.

In the dream I was excited. The sun felt great on my balls. Happily when I woke up I was just as excited. After taking care of that… I feel much better and ready to tackle the day.

I hope your day started out as pleasantly.