OUCH! (Maybe a better title is it hurts so Good!)


Had a massage yesterday.

The masseur does really deep tissue and I needed it.

But the day after I really don’t want to move.

I scream like a little girl while he’s working me over and keep thinking to myself, “I’m paying for this?”

The trick is to drink plenty of water before and after and try to relax.

The day after, I keep drinking tons of water and take a couple aspirin.

I knew that I was really tight, I’d been waking up hurting but hadn’t been able to get in to the massage guy. 

Well I paid for it yesterday.

You know you’re tight when your masseur is bearing down with his elbow in the middle of your shoulder and laughing.



I go to him because he works my whole body even all the small muscles in my hands and feet. It makes walking and typing a little tough the day after.

I spent years in chiropractic care and honestly get more out of a good massage than I did from chiropractors. 

The down side is I’m moving like a really old man…

The pups need to have a walk this afternoon, that will probably help me too. At the very least it will get blood flowing which will reduce the ache.

If you can find a decent massage, I’d recommend it. Look for a certified massage person. There’s nothing worse than a massage that all about a “Happy Ending” when you really wanted a real massage. 

Happy endings are really nice if that’s what you want… but you shouldn’t have to pay for one of those. Find a good friend, trade massages, give each other happy endings, shower together, then go have dinner. That way you get the emotional and physical fulfillment that we all need so much.