And in other insanity… Really, this one made my head hurt

I was attempting to locate a dermatologist. My plan was to find one local to where I live.


I found one, then made the call for a new patient appointment.

I’m assuming that no matter what kind of insurance I end up with there’s going to be a transitional period. I figured no problem, I’ll just tell them I’ll be paying cash… You know, greenbacks, the coin of the realm, money, American dollars.

When I say this… the young lady says I can’t be a patient, because it’s too expensive for the patient to be able to pay cash and the Doctor isn’t accepting any cash clients at this time.

I’ll admit it my brain rebooted!

I never thought about this as a possibility. I mean really? The Doctor isn’t accepting cash patients? WOW!!!!

Needless to say, I’m not going to go see this guy. I need someone with a can of liquid nitrogen and the ability to use it… $250 a 15 minute appointment and we’re done. Next!!!!

I guess my head is still reeling that cash, in some cases isn’t worth anything even today…

Well, cross that Doctor off my list.

Moving on….