What’s good for the goose apparently isn’t for the gander


I read this article this morning and darn near blew coffee out my nose.


The gist of the piece is that a programmer decided to outsource then manage the outsourcing of his own job to China. 

He went to work every day, surfed the net, updated his Facebook, watched cat videos and wrote a daily progress report for his boss.

All the while the actual programming was being done by a Chinese programer for 1/5 the salary the programmer was making.

This programmer even managed to take on programming jobs at other companies and was making a ton of money.

He was ultimately fired from his position but only because a network audit uncovered his “misuse” of the corporate network. (Facebook, twitter, cat videos)

The funny thing is that the guy was apparently considered one of the better employees and programmers at his company.

The article mentions that had this guys job title been different he’d have probably gotten a bonus. 

I think the guy was creative and clever, but he missed his calling.

He should open a consulting firm specializing in offshore project management. I’ll bet he could make a fortune.