Sales People!

Recently I was looking at extending my education as a means to enhance my NewImageemployment odds.

I ran across a number of online colleges and almost all of them feel like sleazy internet salesmen.

Why should I have to give you my email address, name, phone number etc JUST to look at your course offerings?

One college in particular has been blanketing the local airwaves here as a Technological college designed for people just like me…

You know, folks that have been in the game for a very long time and who might be considering a change in their career. 

This college is one of the worst. in terms of their web site. You navigate to their site using a standard computer and browser, you really can’t get any useful information about the classes offered without requesting that they contact you to discuss your future college career. (Unless you make alterations to your browser)

Accessing the site via an iPad however gives you access to all the information about the classes offered, tuition, and you can even download the course catalog. 

Since this college is trying to position itself as an online presence aimed at serving business people who wish to polish their skills or change careers, I’d recommend that the web site be a little less cagey.

Business people in general have little patience for games when they’re trying to NewImagedecide how they want to spend their money.

That’s why I buy cars from fleet managers. I’m really a simple guy when it comes to buying… well ANYTHING.

Tell me how much… I’ll decide if it’s worth it and if I can afford it… If the answer is yes, I’ll write the check. If it’s not then we’re done and I’m not going to waste your time.

Now if your sales force is really wanting to jack me off or suck my dick I’m down for that but it’s not going to change my mind about buying your product. Hell, I’ll even provide the tissue if needed.

You should know, I prefer swallowers…