Happy Thanksgiving from Service Employees International Union-USWW


On the busiest travel day of the year. This bunch of assholes is screwing up traffic in and around LAX.

Many of the people joining in the protest don’t even work at LAX or for the companies involved.

So in addition to arriving at the airport 2 hours early for your obligatory strip-search, anal cavity search with optional prostate exam & subsequent broadcast of your irradiated genitalia over the internet. 

NOW you also have to contend with an additional 1.5 hours in traffic just to get to the airport.

One of the passengers interviewed described this protest and it’s timing as “simply mean spirited”. I agree wholeheartedly!

I’m sure not interested in the unions point of view. 

If this is what they think is reasonable and appropriate then they’re delusional and deserve whatever ill befalls them.

Unions, all unions… your time is past!