I suppose I have a bit of a different view.

All the hubbub over David Petraeus having an affair is really confusing me.


Since this, like the election is inescapable I’ll comment.

I’ve seen articles written by women condemning Petraeus, and men in general. One that caught my attention was titled something like “Why powerful men cheat”

I could counter that article with “Why are so many women attracted to men in power?”

It cuts both ways.

I personally believe that ALL Men cheat at some point or another in their lives, (God knows I have!) In the case of powerful men they’re under a lot more scrutiny and therefore are more likely to be caught.

In this age of Democrats being saints and Republicans being sinners. Anyone who is conservative or Republican is far more likely to have their skeletons yanked out of the closet. It doesn’t matter if  the indiscretion happened 25 years ago or last week.

The Petraeus scandal should serve as a cautionary tale to everyone, most especially anyone with a conservative stance.

A lot of you may not like what I’m going to say next.

First, let me say I’ve never subscribed to the concept that men are supposed to be in monogamous relationships.

I’ve tried it. Didn’t work!

I’ve known a lot of men who tried it and failed as well. 

I don’t think we as men are wired that way. Our nature is to hunt. We thrill at the chase. The pure joy of catching a man or women that we desire is addictive. 

It’s just how we’re built. 


Why the hell we’re punished for being true to our nature amazes and confuses me. I know intellectually it’s all about the Puritanical beginnings of America. One of these days we’re going to have to get over it.

I need to point out… In my current relationship, I never committed to being monogamous. 

I’ve always been honest about my inability to be monogamous and should I ever be indiscreet enough that I’m “Caught” it will come as no surprise to my partner. Our rule is that we’re not going to throw our playtime with other people in each others face. 

My partner is just as welcome to play with other people. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. I’ve noted that whenever we play outside our relationship, the experiences gained from that play enrich sex within the relationship. As always YOUR milage may vary.

But above all be honest, be authentic, and be true to yourself. You’d be surprised how good that makes you feel.

If Petraeus is guilty of anything it’s that he was dishonest. But then we don’t know the inner workings of his relationship with his wife. Nor should we.

Why do men Cheat???

For the hell of it!

Look at Petraeus for example. He’s not a bad looking man. He’s 60, he’s had a hell of a career and he knows that career is winding down.

He’s been married to the same woman for 37 years. His wife, isn’t a bad looking woman, she’s… sturdy.

Nonetheless Petraeus, has to be wondering if he’s still got it.

Men are not immune to age. We notice the grey hair at our temples, one day we we get out of the shower and notice our belly isn’t flat anymore, and our pecs aren’t’ the thick slabs of muscle they once were. No matter how hard we fight we know it’s a losing battle. We see the grey hairs in our chest and belly fur. Then the ultimate insult… grey hair on our balls. It can be really depressing, scary, and men as a rule don’t talk about it. We really have remarkably few support structures in this regard. Hell, even Brothers don’t speak to each other about stuff like this.

Then along comes this hot young woman in her 40s. She’s married and she apparently wants to have a bit of fun.

Since she’s a married mother of 2, it’s a pretty safe bet that they can enjoy each others company and it’s not going to go public. After all,  they both have something to lose.

Petraeus, gets to have an adventure with a hot young thing and it feels good for him he’s still got the preverbal “IT”. Broadwell gets to enjoy the thrill of fucking one of the most powerful men in the country. From her perspective he’s dangerous, powerful, and arguably a killer. Lots of women have serious weaknesses for “Bad Boys” Petraeus is the Ultimate “safe” Bad Boy for her to play with.

I can see it, it makes sense to me. These are two adults who happened to be at the right place at the right time in their lives and they went for it.


Whether we admit it or not… Every man gets bored with sex with the same person.

We’ve all been there, sex becomes a well known well trodden set of conditioned responses.


Lick left nipple, caress right nipple, touch there, kiss here, insert there, Thrust 3 times, pause, thrust 5 times, pause, thrust 4 times, talk dirty, oh baby, oh baby, and then it’s nap time. 

Give a man the opportunity to give chase again, give him a new body to play with, unknown territory, suddenly sex is exciting, and he’s 20 again. 

That’s the reason we cheat. It’s not about love, it’s about nothing else but fighting mind numbing boredom.

It’s about feeling young, powerful and desired again. It’s about someone different on their knees in front of you, telling you they want your dick inside them. It’s about hearing someone new groaning in pleasure because you’re sliding it home and they’re loving it.

It might even be about something as primitive as spreading our genetics further. It’s got to be a major thrill at 60 to find out you’ve knocked up your 30 year old mistress… Talk about still having “IT”!

Honestly, I can’t imagine that it’s any different for a woman. 

Let’s see, same man she’s been with for 30 years, she knows exactly how to get him off in 30 seconds or less and she’s gotten to the point that sex isn’t worth it for her because she spends more time cleaning up from the sex than actually having it


The 20 something, tanned, muscular, pool man who’s packing something in his cargo shorts besides a wad of keys.

I have to think the pool man gets a lot of action!

It’s time for us to get over it.

Everyone universally wants to get off. I can’t think of any man that doesn’t like to see ropey jets of their cum shooting across the room. Or better yet, ramming our cock home dumping our cum into a willing orifice.


We all want that experience to be memorable and exciting. After the hunt, in a hotel room when we get what we worked for. We savor it, the conquest, victory, & validation. When we go home to our spouses we’re still fired up and often a good time is had by all. Months later, we’ll rub one out to the memory, because it still has the power to excite us.

If you accept these truths, then all the hubbub over the latest Sex Scandal is really just a bunch of annoying noise. I’m reminded of the sound of my classmates in elementary school when someone got in trouble. It’s time for us to grow up.

Just because someone has an affair, it doesn’t automatically mean they’re unfit for office. The bigger issue is was there a security breach?

Broadwell, sending threatening emails simply means that she forgot she & Petraeus were  supposed to be casual sex partners, nothing more.

If we were more open to casual sex, I personally think there’d be a lot fewer divorces.