I think it’s time to start an UN-Occupy movement in California

Let’s face it, California is in the news again and not in a good way.


One of the news headlines this morning was “California’s Insane Gas Prices Just hit a New All-Time HighPhoto credit AP Images

$6 a gallon there on the sign. Wow!

Given the high unemployment and the insanity of the price of gas. It’s time for Californians to stand in solidarity.

I suggest the following.

Nobody go to work!

Take a few days off.

Don’t occupy anything!

Avoid, Businesses, Schools, Malls and Freeways.

Stay home, watch TV. Play with your kids and don’t go anywhere.

The Oil companies and the State government want to play games with the state economy… FINE, Lets Play! 

We the people of California still have the ability to make a major impact on these people. What do you think they’ll do when no-one reports to work, or buys gas, or does anything?

Without people buying gas, the Oil companies don’t make a profit.

The state government loses out on tax dollars. The People of California can kick off the Holiday season with a Bang. The losses can be laid right at the feet of big oil and over regulation.

The PEOPLE can have the satisfaction of flexing their muscle reminding the “Players” that we still hold their leash.

Remember the infamous “Day without Mexicans”?

Folks noticed… 

How about making a Day without Californians?

Just a thought…