Hey… It’s not Politics!


But the news is just as bad for me personally.

I got a notice yesterday that I was out of the running for a job that I really wanted.


This is one of those positions that I was completely willing to take a lot less money for and that I think I would have really enjoyed doing.

I wanted it so bad that I asked all kinds of people to write letters of recommendation for me and got everything in under a deadline.

I’m guessing that they looked at my previous salary and wondered why I was applying for a position that was going to be 30K less.

Sadly they didn’t give me a change to point out that the commute was less than 30 miles and that the savings in fuel and insurance per month alone would go a long way toward making up the difference.

I’m sure that they hired some hot shot from the local college, whole will be gone in a couple of months. I applied for a similar position several years ago. They interviewed me, but hired a new graduate.

3 months later they called me back to see if I wanted the position because the new graduate had accepted another position for more money.

I was polite at the time but pointed out that I too had recently found another position and that it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to switch so soon into my new job.

I strongly suspect that I’m looking at the same sort of event.

Of course if they call me in a few months… I may still be looking this time.

On the other hand I hope that I’ll be able to politely turn them down again. Not out of any sense of vengeance or retribution…

But because I’ll have a new JOB!