Well I pick up the car today

Dropped it off on Monday

Picking it up today… 5 days for a schrader valve??? I’m sure there is a much larger story there.

We’ll see just how long the thing holds together this time.

Hopefully, I can actually take a bit of a trip NOW.

On the Plus side…

EDD has apparently approved my unemployment. Although the only thing they sent me was the claim form to fill out. Yep, nothing else, no instructions, no info packet… nothing!

Not complaining though… This is the form that’s most important I fill this puppy out every 2 weeks and they sent me a check.

So I’m furloughed and my future is uncertain but I’ve got unemployment for 6 months.

There’s a guy that wants to talk with me about a job, out of state on Monday. I’m listening and I’ve been doing some internet research on the area… Small town, looks nice I’ve just done a quick skim but It might work. Especially if we’re talking something permanent.

Time will tell…