This is something you never want to see at your dealership…

But I Understand.

These guys are from the Teamsters Local 495. These men work at the local BMW parts warehouse in Ontario.

The fact that the parts warehouse is 10 miles from the dealership is one of the reasons that I didn’t believe the service people when They said the problem with my A/C was a schrader valve.

I could have driven to the warehouse and picked up the necessary part myself.

Apparently BMW North America has decided to turn all these folks into unemployed folks. I’m not too sure of all the facts but it seems that BMW N.A. is outsourcing these jobs in the name of higher profits.

The website for these folks is located HERE. If you’re curious go take a look. One of the things that I

did learn is that Since these people are protesting every Saturday they’re in an interesting position to observe BMW reliability.

On of the guys mentioned that they see a lot of 7 series BMWs coming in on flatbeds. I’ve heard of problems with the 7 Series and personally know one person that sold her 7 at a loss to buy a Hyundai.

Her 7 had failed many more times than she could count, leaving her stranded at the side of the road.

She said it was usually on a freeway near any Airport… she’d be buzzing along at 70 or 80 then it was like someone clicked the off switch. The car would simply die and couldn’t be restarted. She got tired of seeing the dealerships, and even more tired of tow truck drivers.

She’s been much happier with her Hyundai. It works and in the 3 years she’s owned it she’s done nothing but have the oil changed.

I’ve noticed when I take my car in every other Monday that there’s always a lot of 335s, 535s, & 135s in the service drive.

The protesters were noticing the same sorts of things and they weren’t surprised when I suggested that BMW was hiding something.  They felt that BMW wasn’t being as forthright about the motivations for outsourcing the parts business as they should have been either.

They did say that BMW North America and BMW Germany didn’t behave the same towards their workers. Perhaps it’s a Situation of American greed vs German labor laws. I’m not in a position to comment.

They did get a kick out of my describing my car as a “Pussy” car. (Every time I want to ride it… it’s got a headache.)

They wished me good luck and I wished them the same.

I’m blown away that companies are doing this kind of thing but many of the corporate honchos need to keep getting their bonus checks so they can keep their mistresses in fancy condos and quiet.