Yet Another Reason I HATE California

I got a registration notice yesterday.

This is typical of the way that California FUCKS it’s citizens.

The notice arrives yesterday, It’s dated as Due in 3 days…

SO the BASTARDS start clocking LATE fees BEFORE you have a chance to get the damn payment to them. Yeah there are other ways to pay ’em. You can use the internet or you can use AAA. But suppose you need to have a smog check?

I guess you’re supposed to fuck over whatever schedule you had, whether that is going to work, or taking a trip, or suppose you’re out of town for a week?

Depending on the amount of your WAY overpriced registration, the late fees can really add up.

For the period 10 days after the due date you incur an approximately 23.5% increase.
For the next 20 day period the increase is about 36%. For the period beyond it’s a 74% increase.

Last year I paid more for my registration than my normal car payment.

I wouldn’t have minded except that the California roads are falling apart. 
Potholes have cost me 4 wheels in the past 2 years if your rims cost 800.00 a piece you really don’t appreciate the shitty freeways, or crumbling surface streets.

You know MY MORTGAGE, and my Credit Cards give me 30 days. At least they provide me with some kind of services.

California is acting like a sleazy loan shark. I don’t like it, I think it’s wrong and I wonder if there’s any place better than this fucked up, third world shit hole.

Time to go….

2 Replies to “Yet Another Reason I HATE California”

  1. Damage to your vehicle via highway conditions can be claimed through CalTrans. Their website has the claim form.

    I don’t think cutbacks are the real problem. The real problem is they hire morons. When I got my license renewed last year it came back fine…except the picture was that of what looked like a stoned 16 year old fuckin wetback illegal. And this after I stood in line for 3 hours (1hr outside the building in the rain), then had to go back to the DMV for a new picture and processing. Fucking idiots! I still think I should sue, since it was very offensive to me, caused me much mental grief which contributed to physical ailments, time lost, etc. LOL

  2. A friend emailed me this…

    Figured it was worth posting as a comment

    The DMV is seriously screwed up and needs someone to come in a straighten them out. Having fought with them last fall over my driver’s license renewal–their computer system lost my photo and a renewal that should have take a few weeks took from early September to late December–I feel your pain. Their argument is that with budget cutbacks they can’t process their work, yet if you watch them work, they are slow and inefficient.

    It’s not just the money; it’s the level of service. And it was this way when Arnold was governor; it just hasn’t improved under Jerry Brown.

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