Why is it that Nobody does their job right anymore?

Took the car out to Palm Springs today.

It was 111º out there.

When I got ready to go, guess what? The A/C in the car FAILED.

Last service I paid the dealership to do a routine maintenance on the A/C since it didn’t seem like the system was blowing as cold as it used to. Makes sense, the unit hadn’t been serviced ever i figured a little freon or whatever they use now and we’d be good to go.

The service cost me $350.00. So what I found out today is that I PAID $350.00 to initiate the failure of my A/C!

It’s a damn good thing I couldn’t get to the dealer today… I’d have had several choice words!

However, it’s probably better that I’ve got a couple of days to cool down (so to speak). Better to be professional than walk in like a nuclear bomb.

I’m just annoyed that every other week I’m driving to the dealership instead of driving my car to places that I’d like to go.

On the plus side… perhaps if enough is replaced now… by the time I’m completely out of warranty I might just have a reliable vehicle.

Funny, I’m not usually such an optimist.